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Truth and Justice don’t always agree. We’re here to bring attention to the cases where the American Criminal Justice system got it wrong.

S03E15 – Terance Calhoun

In Episode 15, Season 3 of the American Justice Podcast, Scott and C. Derick dissect the sad case of Terance Calhoun, a Detroit man who spent 15 years in prison for assault and rape but was cleared of the crimes after undisclosed DNA results proved his innocence. They go through how an innocent man with cognitive dissonance was allowed to plead no contest even though witness descriptions and DNA evidence did not link him to the crimes.

00:50 Introduction

14:07 The Story of Terance Calhoun

16:40 The Numerous Rape and Assault Cases in Detroit

18:45 Detroit as One of the Most Violent Cities in the Country

24:15 The Guy With the Puzzle Tattoo

32:00 A Composite Sketch Leads to the Arrest of Terance Calhoun

36:25 Terance Allegedly Confesses Committing Two Cases of Assault and Rape

37:23 Victims Identify Terrence in a Photographic Lineup

38:18 Terance is Arraigned in Court For Assault and Rape

39:05 Terance Pleads No Contest, and The Court Learns He Has Cognitive Dissonance

41:13 Terance is Sentenced to 17 to 32 Years in Prison

42:30 DNA Results Come Back But Are Not Presented to the Courts

44:16 DNA Evidence Again Proves Terance is Innocent

45:47 Key Elements Missed by the Prosecution

48:00 The Conviction Integrity Unit Looks Into Terance’s Case

50:00 DNA Evidence Confirms Two Different Men Were Responsible For the Crimes

53:40 Detective From the Original 2006 Investigation Presents “New Evidence”

56:14 Terance is Released After 15 Years in Prison

58:15 Witness Identification is Often Inaccurate. Here’s Why

58:41 Reasons Why an Innocent Man Would Plead No Contest

01:00:38 Michigan Laws on Wrongful Imprisonment and Compensation

01:01:50 Parting Thoughts

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‘So Many Things Missed’: Months After a Detroit Man Was Sentenced for Rape, There Was Evidence to Clear His Name. It Would Take 15 Years In Prison Before His Innocence Was Established.

Terance Calhoun exonerated with DNA after 15 years of sex crime conviction

Terance Calhoun exoneration hearing

Exoneration hearing to be held again for Terance Calhoun

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S03E15 – Terance Calhoun