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Truth and Justice don’t always agree. We’re here to bring attention to the cases where the American Criminal Justice system got it wrong.

S03E07 – Willie Stokes

In episode seven season three of the American Justice Podcast, Scott and C. Derick discuss the disappointing case of Willie Stokes, a Philadelphia man who spent 37 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. The duo go through how a key witness was allegedly offered sex and drugs at police headquarters to frame Stokes in an unsolved 1980 dice-game slaying case that highlights the ugly side of police and prosecutorial misconduct.

Time Stamps

01:50 Introducing Willie Stokes

03:07 The Most Common Cause of Wrongful Convictions

04:02 The Backstory to Stokes’ Arrest and Conviction

07:18 The Lying Witnesses in Willie Stoke’s Trial

09:00 Glaring Question Marks From Witness Recounts

10:14 The Suspicious Interaction Between Key Witness Franklin Lee and The Philadelphia DA

15:21 How Key Witness Franklin Lee Falsely Implicated Willie Stokes

17:55 Lee Admits to Falsely Testifying Against Stokes During the Recantation Hearing

19:08 Stokes is Charged with First Degree Murder

19:51 Stokes Gets New Trial on December 30th, 2021

20:42 Stokes is Released From Prison

22:10 All the Key Details in Stokes’ Troubling Case

23:09 Franklin Lee Reveals Why He Took the Deal to Falsely Implicate Willie Stokes

25:45 Why The DA Was So Obsessed With Nailing Willie Stokes

27:17 Official Misconduct, Racism, and Coerced Statements in Stokes’ Case

28:15 Stokes’ Daughter Passes Away 20 Years After His Conviction

29:09 Stokes Sues City of Philadelphia for Police Misconduct

33:50 Confession Coercion: The Way Law Enforcement Sees It

35:04 Parting Thoughts

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S03E07 – Willie Stokes

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