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Truth and Justice don’t always agree. We’re here to bring attention to the cases where the American Criminal Justice system got it wrong.

S03E12 – William Dillon

In Episode 12, Season Three of the American Justice Podcast, Scott Poggensee and C. Derick Miller talk about the William Dillon case. He is a man who spent 27 years behind bars for a murder DNA proves he didn’t commit. William was wrongfully convicted in 1981 based on questionable eyewitness identification and unreliable testimony from a jailhouse informant. He shares what it’s like being investigated, prosecuted, and jailed for 27 years for a murder he didn’t commit. Hear from his own words as he talks to Scott Poggensee about his experiences and what it’s like now being exonerated. Also, don’t forget to stick around for the outtakes. You won’t be sorry you did!


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S03E12 – William Dillon