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Truth and Justice don’t always agree. We’re here to bring attention to the cases where the American Criminal Justice system got it wrong.

S02E04 – Opening Statements – Vincent Cosey Case

This season’s case involves a black man in a racist village called Caledonia, in Racine County, Wisconsin. Home state of the Steven Avery case (Making a Murderer) and the Kyle Rittenhouse case, Wisconsin seems to be very controversial in the way it hands down … justice. This episode covers the opening statements by the prosecution and defense, along with the first couple witnesses.

A big shout out to Nic from the True Crime Garage for submitting the Vincent Cosey case. You’ll hear from Nic throughout the season. We hope you enjoy!

0:00 Previously on the American Justice Podcast

01:35 Introduction

02:26 Beginning of Today’s Episode in Chief

06:26 Prosecution Opening Statement

10:51 Writer’s Note by Head Writer C. Derick Miller

11:32 Prosecution Opening Statement Continued

20:26 Defense Opening Statement

37:01 Today’s Episode Cont.

37:50 Vinnie’s Mom Says She Never Told the Police Vinnie Confessed

39:31 Vinnie’s Mom Talking About Police Searching Her House

43:01 Vinnie Tells Why He Turned Himself In

47:05 Writer’s Note by Head Writer C. Derick Miller

49:19 Vinnie Talks About How Felicia Did Not Know Him

52:53 Scott & Nic Talk About Felicia Not Knowing Vinnie

1:01:03 Scott & Nic Talk About Ear Witnesses Unreliable

1:08:59 Vinnie Talks About Identification of His Car

1:11:34 Wrap Up

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S02E04 – Opening Statements – Vincent Cosey Case

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