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Truth and Justice don’t always agree. We’re here to bring attention to the cases where the American Criminal Justice system got it wrong.

S01E12 – Michelle Lee’s Interview

In this week’s episode, Scott covers Michelle Lee’s interview. Michelle is the mother of Brandon’s girlfriend at the time, Morgan. As you will hear, Michelle’s scatterbrained approach to giving information to the investigators makes it difficult to comprehend, for both the Texas Rangers and this podcast host. The American Justice Podcast will be taking three weeks off and returning on June 21st. See you then!

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8:01 – 8:48

The Hunt Country Sheriff’s Office is not a small building and easily had a half dozen dedicated criminal investigators employed. No one had a tape recorder? Granted 2005 had yet to see the invention of smartphones with digital voice recorders, so we can let that idea slide outside on the realm of logic. But no one had a tape recorder? If we wanted to compare their capabilities to something a little bit more prehistoric, even the Flintstones had bird who could peck out transcripts on a stone slate. Thank you for humoring my age reference by the way. Does anyone really remember the Flintstones? Anyone other than myself? Anyone?

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Do you think Michelle is telling the truth? Is she trying to mislead Ranger Collins with her information? Was Brandon Woodruff a framed suspect and a victim of a false conviction? Find out on our next episode on June 21st. Also, please sure your thoughts on the comment down below please make sure to subscribe for more content.

“Michelle Lee’s Interview”

Time Stamps

2:19      What to expect on this episode.

3:40      Initial interview between Michelle Lee and the investigators.

4:34      Head writer’s note on the episode.

5:49      Morgan Lee’s relationship to Brandon Woodruff.

8:01      The case of missing tape recorders in Hunt Country Sheriff’s Office.

8:55      The missing gun and Lee family house description.

10:16    Brandon in Morgan’s home during the weekend of the murder.

11:20    Details of the allegedly stolen gun.

12:08    Morgan’s testimony proving Brandon did not conceal any weapon.

13:02    “Shitkickers” spending the night in Lee’s house two weeks prior the murder.

14:20    Michelle’s interview with the police investigators.

15:51    Lee family’s treatment to Brandon.

16:58    Michelle’s reason for turning over the gun belt and reporting the missing gun.

18:29    Brandon hatred on guns.

19:31    Lee Family’s “Eddie Haskell” nickname for Brandon.

22:08    Video clip of Michelle’s interview about Brandon’s “weird” past.

27:18    Michelle received a call from Brandon few days after the murder.

30:19    Why Brandon lied about his whereabouts.

33:19    Brandon being “railroaded” by the police and prosecution’s argument.

34:58    The LGBTQ coming out process.

36:30    Special Prosecutor Adrienne McFarland’s closing argument clip.

39:32    Why Brandon chose to charter a flight going to Dallas upon news of his parents’ death.

43:11    Sneak peak of Mike Etherington’s interview.

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S01E12 – Michelle Lee’s Interview

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