American Justice Podcast Has Launched!

Inspired by the wrongful conviction and incarceration of thousands of prisoners around the country, Scott Poggensee launches his new podcast, “American Justice”. Scott plans to delve into the nooks and crannies of the American Justice system to flush out the cases where there has been no justice. When the wrong person is convicted, no one feels good. Not the accused, not the family, and least of all the actual victims themselves. Together with his listeners, Scott looks into one case every season to bring out all of the details of the case and what makes the subject of the season innocent.

Unlike many True Crime podcasts, American Justice focuses solely on cases where the innocent person is still in prison. Many other podcasts focus on cases such as the West Memphis 3 or Ryan Ferguson, where the accused have been set free after it came to light that they were not guilty of the crimes for which they were convicted. This podcast will focus solely on innocent men and women that are currently incarcerated. If you know of a case, please send Scott an email or give him a call and let him know. He’s always looking for the next case to focus on next season.

So for now, sit back and enjoy Season One of American Justice!

S03E16 – Valentino Dixon